In addition to confirmation from Lippi and Angelo Di Livio, who see a clear similarity between this Juve and that from 1994-95 season, there are aspects of statistics and comforting analogies with the team that consecrated the excellent technique of Alessandro Del Piero : 

 1. That group had in the working-class spirit and hunger for victories his real strength; 

 2. In the starting eleven Ciro Ferrara was the starter, player able to do full-back and the central defense, just as Giorgio Chiellini; 

3. On the band rages Simone Pepe, who in the style of play reminds Angelo Di Livio and like him in ’94 is 28 years old; 

 4. In his entries from behind, Claudio Marchisio is very reminiscent of Antonio Conte and more has 25 years, like those of his coach during the year of redemption; 

 5. For the regista was transferred the great Paulo Sousa, who was running beautifully his colleagues in the field, just as it is doing in the same role a new transfer, a certain … Andrea Pirlo; 

 6. The strikers, although the module is different from Lippi’s 4-3-3 move and run like the trident formed by: Vialli, Del Piero and Ravanelli, who did so much to dream the fans in the league in the twenty-third scudetto and the year after; 

7. Juventus have not won the league for 9 years (excluding those legitimate won on the field the 2005 and 2006), just the number of years elapsed since the scudetto captured by the Old Lady. It was the 2002-2003 season, as coach Marcello Lippi and in the team Antonio Conte. 

 by: Francesco Carini 
adapted by: Mike Prise