Semifinal. A word that Juventus did not know from 2003, a reality that will come back to embrace the double challenge of the next 24 April and 1 May. It is never easy to achieve a goal even when it is given for granted by many, even if you’re stronger than the opponents.

Did Conte’s team played well in these encounters with Lyon? No, it can and must do better, certainly need something more in the next games and in next season’s Champions League, but the achievement of this objective is to be a source of satisfaction for all Juventus fans, though it was not what hoped for early in the season. To give an idea, Conte was the protagonist in the field of Juventus who eliminated Real Madrid on the evening of 14 May 2003 (played for a few minutes), Nedved took that damn yellow CARD  that cost him the final of the Champions League.

The Europa League is not the Champions League, does not have the same charm, but European growth also passes through this competition. Certainly, it will serve more: the quality on the outside should be up, the rhythm management must be accompanied by a clear management of possession, without renouncing to attack. Above all, we must have the strength and mental toughness to keep the intensity high, limiting the kind concessions of occasions as stupid as the goal of Briand: that goal is the best possible explanation of the reason for the elimination in the Champions League.

Now, however, the Juventus fans can and should celebrate the achievement of a semi-final that was missing for eleven years.