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Record after record, is a journey that begins to make Juventus people dreamThe monstrous and somewhat surprising work of Conte  has restored pride, security and self-esteem in an environment that was seen in recent years, relegated to the margins of the battles that count. Big Conte , a company no less. The Agnelli reorganization is giving fruit quickly, with a Marotta after a summer of settling (2010) does not miss a hit on the transfermarket.

Winter champions  Juve are unbeaten from start of the season, 17 games of the season (another  useful result and is an absolute record for the Bianconeri) and one in Italy Cup. 180‘ until the end of the first half, then shares the championship lead with the defending champion AC Milan : Cagliari  at home and Atalanta out says the calendar; the  possibility to detach the Rossoneri, who on Sunday will see with M***A then go to Novara. So, two more games, and we can have credible objectives and perhaps set more clear objectives” Antonio Conte repeatedly  said. In waiting for great speech” of the Juventus coach, there is still a goal to reach, stuff that does not fill the message boards, but it weighs a lot from the statistical point of view: the title of winter champions, unbeaten.

Precedents. In the age of three points only M***A of coach Roberto Mancini has managed to close the first half in the head and unbeaten: 2006-2007 season, the turning point at an altitude of 51, championship with 97 points. Also M***A of Mancio, in 2004-2005, had closed the first half immaculate : But was the fourth (and finished third before the explosion of Farsopoli) for the incredible number of draws obtained (13 of 19 games).

Going back much further back in time, stands out the mockery of Juventus  against Turin  in 1976-77 who suffered the first and only stop only in second half of the season: the grenade, winter champions, together with Juventus, made ​​25 points per half, but were fooled by a length of the hated cousins​​. The title of winter champions almost always comes with the Scudetto: of 79 leagues, 54 times (68.4%) the ultimate success (not to mention Calciopoli) went to who was leading at the halfway point. The percentage rises to 75% (12 of 16) since we have three points for a win.

More: Juve has capitalized the winter title 18 times out of 24, percentage of75%. What a January! The band of Conte has more of a reason to keep up the pacebut be careful at this end of the month. From Sunday until 31 January will be five games, all quite delicate: Cagliari and Atalanta, then the fourth Italian Cup with Roma, Udinese at home and Parma  away from home. Perhaps, the true degree examination in both physical and mental level.

source: GDS
adapted by: Mike Prise