The editor of the Corriere della Sera, Mario Sconcerti, does not hesitate to comment on the sensational announcement made yesterday by the chairman of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, who during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders wanted to communicate the departure of Alessandro Del Piero at the end of the season 

“There were two very interesting data in the conference by Andrea Agnelli at the end of the shareholders meeting” – the journalist wrote in the pages of his blog,”Lo sconcerto quotidiano”. 

“The first is the large deficit of last season, more than 95 million. The people, the fans, are used for too long not to consider the cost of football. An operating deficit of this kind means that every morning of every day of the year, Juve opened his own shop and it still loses daily 263 000 euros. A fortune. prescriti and Milan are no different. There is basically something in football that we have lost control and now, the collapse of habit, there even seems normal. But it can not be so.  

The second finding – continues the journalist – is about Del Piero.Agnelli said it was His last year in black and white. He did not say as a player or person. He said last year. Why? Where Was The Necessity of a Del Piero topic now? I think there is a desire not to scale, but to Specify the End of the Relationship Between Del Piero and Juventus. When a player at this level stops, it is always cumbersome. And Juve, for ITS history, HAD Already many bulky players, from Ferrara, to Deschamps, to Nedved. 

My impression is that Agnelli Juventus wanted to warn the Juventino people of a disengagement of club. If so, I’d say he’s right. Del Piero and Juventus are tied. It’s a relationship where everyone gave their all. We can and must start together, but stopping could not be an insult to anyone. ” 

 adapted by:Mike Prise