Waiting for Juve-Milan, I saw a great Ibrahimovic in the Champions League. Has also grown Cassano who is finding his way to be decisive. More attention, more into the game, a few dribbles, many passes from the first touch. 
If Juve had Ibraimovich would have been a great team, also if they had the two central defenders of Milan, then they would be complete.It seems to me, however, that Sunday’s game is more to Juve then Milan. Do not blame me, rare in football you divine. But I see it as a vertical game; Conte will put on the speed and depth. 
If he succeeds, he wins. AC Milan suffered a lot of these ingredients. And if Juventus wins, for Juve begins a journey of great attention.I do not understand if Juve can or can not point the Scudetto, I often have a hard time understanding the psychology of the fans; but in a league of this kind, if Juve is not for title, I would like to understand who are the others. 
adapted by:Mike Prise