Is called the “conditio sine qua non” the Latin phrase, meaning literally: “the condition without which can’t occur an event.” Even the much chatted Robin Van Persie deal has its prerequisite, condition simple but fundamental: the Dutch should make a financial sacrifice. 
Perhaps talking of sacrifice is irreverent, view today’s global economic situation, but if the striker wants to come to Juventus will have to get the perspective of earning less than elsewhere. On the basis that the players want the very best of wages, we consider it difficult, but it is said that Van Persie is one of the few who prefer a technical project rather than economic gain. For this, we believe it is not totally impossible, but difficult  his arrival in Turin. 
The famous condicio is as follows: accept a three year about 6 million plus bonuses compensating with the management rights to 50% of images, auto and home in free concession and royalties on merchandising. All this with the assurance of a leading role in technical project. Hard to say if this will be enough to offset the 3-4 million that the City offers more than or 2-3 offered by Alex Ferguson. This will tell only and only the time … in any case the basic conditions have become clear as anticipated last Saturday, the request of Arsenal is of 20 million pounds. 

 source:; by: Massimo Pavan

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS