“War of the Worlds” – La Stampa comparison

TURIN, December 10, 2011 – Waiting to see if Martian is the Rome of revolutionary Luis Enrique or the Juventus of insatiable Antonio Conte, Italian football weighs and waits for the “War of the Worlds” which will be staged on Monday evening on the lawn of Olympic. When the two bitter enemies – grown only in an anthology made ​​up of offside goal, endless controversies and struggles of the transfermarket – will face off for the first time since the tumultuous summer. Who dug the groove as deep as possible between yellow and bianconeri in style, design, identity, men and missions. 

On  one hand,  “American” Rome led by Dibenedetto directed by Unicredit for a package of open control to one thousand current, the other Juve for almost ninety years that is the jewel of the Agnelli family which is guided from May 2010 directly by Andrea. In the field, however, reflects a society that wanted to replicate the model Barcelona relying on newcomer Luis Enrique and a group of young foreign talent, while at Torino have decided to invest in the bianconero DNA of Conte and on a team that blends experience and national spirit. In the game of mirrors, the two rivals had never appeared so different and so distant. Not only for the 12 point of difference in the standings accumulated in just 13 league games, but the philosophy to embody. Juve and Roma living in two separate worlds, touching only because gravitate in the same tournament and in the same stock market (the only place where they can both cause despair in market crisis). In addition, in the expected super postponement will miss the only point of contact. Mirko Vucinic, the former, the most expensive operation of Juventus (15 million), has eliminated all alone and so now the spotlight is on the contrast effect. The new Italian Juve of Conte against international Roma of fellow Spanish, aggressive soccer of Marchisio and teammates against the possession of De Rossi and associates, the hard core black and white against the continues red and yellow trial. 

 It will be a total duel and who will win could show (net of ranking) that the road taken is the right one. Although this historical moment all the pressure is on Rome, who hoped in the new air after 18 years of the Sensi, and instead finds himself at the first decisive watershed. 

 The youth project entrusted to Luis Enrique, who can count on 10 Under 23 with Bojan, Lamela and Pjanic of all (but Juve is on two : Sorensen and Marrone), is likely to fail prematurely because crushed by the lack of results (already 6 defeats in the league and Europa League just tasted in summer), the weight of Totti and the difficult coexistence between senators and young people (see the case Osvaldo-Lamela ). That is the exact opposite of the Conte method. Where the revival of undefeated Juve is married to transparent management of the former partner, Del Piero and the decision to tack on 4-3-3 (after the initial 4-2-4) with the promotion of eleven fixed 11. Indeed, Pirlo and another ten. 

 The team has elected Marchisio his top scorer , there are only immovable three foreign : Lichtsteiner, Vidal and Vucinic, all taken in the summer with five other players. A tricolor cornerstone, unlike a few Italians of Rome, which are always present (De Rossi, Osvaldo and Perrotta ), more than half entire team of foreign players(15 players out of 29), is led by a Spanish technical staff and has set up its transfermarket to teaches of Games without frontiers: the 10 hits of the summer, in fact, only two are “Made in Italy” (Borini and Osvaldo, the latter bought as it was born in Argentina). And then the hypothesis on the idea this summer by DiBenedetto to copy Juve for stadium (“I am a role model”) is likely to expand to team and company. From “War of the Worlds” you can always learn, even if you are Martians.
source: La Stampa by: Gianluca Oddenino 
adapted by: Mike Prise