by Kevin Juventino Kowu @moheed.joke on facebook

We all remember how this season started for the Old Lady. Antonio Conte who left us  Rocancourt’s style, ITURBE who in the same vein, went to our rivals, the Romans, and SANCHEZ who will certainly not come again. Ultimately, new allenatore in the person of Massimiliano ALLEGRI, the arrival of a new medical staff, of MORATA, PEREYRA, EVRA ,COMAN, ROMULO and MATTIELO’s promotion.

The first comment concerns the departure of Antonio Conte. O LORD!!!!! How dearly we loved him! So much that we were mad at him for this sudden departure, yet so predictable. Failure to promises! The discrepancy between the ambitions of the club and the coach (same discrepancy which had led the similar departure of Deschamps, who was asking at the time, a major recruitment Lazio=Juve+Contefor each line defense-middle-attack). Was CONTE right? We have yeas and nays. His record? 3 years 3scudetti, 2 super cups. 67.11% win; 22.81% draws and 10.06% defeats. In 2014, we’ve won 19 home games, accumulated 2 losses and 3 draws. All topped with points record (102). With high stress levels (we all know the implication of CONTE for the club), a lot of frustration during Mercati which he was to always settle for what they gave him, or that he still held the same speech on the club treasury; while direct rivals strengthened. Coupled with the fact that he was asked to conquer Europe with a team he felt perfectible with reinforcements worthy of his Old Lady. Bottom line? Burnout, disengagement, divorce, BYE!!! Looking back, we cannot judge CONTE’s decision. He never uttered anything about it. It will still be weird to see him sitting on other benches than ours soon (PSG? Mancity ??). But, oh well! GRAZIE MISTER!!!




The second observation will be regarding the transfer of the Old Lady. With three championship titles, this season was to be the one of the renewal of JUVE. The year that we, tifosi, would have enjoyed to see big names in JUVE, players able to make the difference, in short able to bring the gain. It is clear that we still have to wait for the next Mercato. We still salute the work of MAROTTA and PARATICI for the arrival of PIRLO, VIDAL, TEVEZ, POGBA, at ridiculous prices. We also criticize his love for the ‘zero setting’ for players of the third age and his lack of percussion. One of the two questions it would be wise to ask here is: what is the recruitment strategy of JUVENTUS and what it consists of?


For our part, we shall find wise to start thinking about separating of the players who do not play often enough and who do not bring in as much great gain. Sales could generate funds that we could probably invest elsewhere. Then recruit real talent to create synergy around POGBA and MORATA; this will have the advantage of sweeping departures desires of these and, reinvigorating the momentum of the club. Really think about replacing LLORENTE with a player who has the same kind of ability and equivalent body type (CAVANI, IBRAHIMOVIC). We will not dwell on names here. You will all agree with us, that we often stay on our hunger when it comes to our Mercato. We are impatiently waiting for the contract with Adidas and the end of season to see what will happen. The second question is whether a new leader of the transfers would not do the greatest good to the Old Lady who felt youth desires recently. MAROTTA certainly proved his value, but will we cross the course with him?? I hope so!! (3 scudetti!).


alvaro-Morata-Juventus-wallpaperJUVENTUS - OLYMPIAKOS lineups

The third observation will go to the “ALLEGRI era ” and its results so far. I’d be lying if I said I was not of those who strongly criticized the arrival of ALLEGRI in JUVE. It is not because of his results with MILAN (even if they are in cause), but because of the controversies he had himself raised against the JUVE. Even though he is a resident of Series A for quite a while and that his experience is not of the least, I still remember how we won our first scudetto against his MILAN within the last days with a few more points. A scenario that I would not like to see repeated with ALLEGRI-JOY-JUVENTUS-OLYMPIAKOSRoma in our role. From taking office until the module change, I’ve always wondered what were his character, his contribution, whohe was and what he intended to do. We are a day of the end of the first part of the season. The balance in 18 days is: 13 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss (including 6 wins and 2 draws in homes to 7 wins, 2 draws and one defeat outside with 38 goals scored and conceded 9), a total of 43 points and leading the championship with 3 points on the second; an average of 2.23 goals per game. Without comparing with A.CONTE, we could be satisfied with such an assessment and hope for the best for the second half of the season. However, we noticed that during important appointment, ALLEGRI’s JUVE stammered a lot: A Great Cup lost draws against LAZIO, GENOA, SAMPODRIA and ATLETICO MADRID, a relaxation of defense when we lead the score and sometimes a discomfited game. In the long run if we do not jump back in, these errors could be harmful. We also hope that ALLEGRI will not be limited to a 4-3-1-2 as his predecessor had done before with the 3-5-2. The final comment for the new era (even if it is on hold until the World Cup) concerns the infirmary. ALLEGRI had the same issues when he was with MILAN, too many wounded players during his seasons, which strongly penalized him to the second part. It should therefore be asked whether what is happening in the infirmaries of JUVE is the result of the past World Cup, or the fault of the medical staff. With the winter Mercato and movements that take place here and there, I think our big recruits will be our players returning from injury, including ASAMOAH, BARZAGLI, CACERES and ROMULO hoped for coming back with a huge GRINTA.

In short, to judge ALLEGRI, let’s see later in the season so to speak more concretely.