The treatment by which Juventus has been the victim yesterday, takes on new proportions outside the norm. We would say that this is a first but it is the third time this year after the controversy of the sadly famous goal of Muntari and the sulphurous Italian Supercup final against Napoli.

In one of the newspapers this morning, we can find the images of yesterday’s game with keywords that are enough suggestive like “outrageous” to quote the Corriere Dello Sport. Stormed by Rai yesterday, the Presiding of referees, Nicchi, has almost felt obliged to “apologize” for the behavior of referees in Sicily yesterday evening, something very rare. In contrast, no excuses for Lazio whose their equalizer goal late in the game, however, was regular. No excuses either for Genoa whose goal conceded following Abate’s offside position. Still no apology for Torino whose expulsion of Sansone is very disputable and disputed… But there is only for Juventus again, leaving right not only to criticism but also a pretty blatant disrespect, including the part of the opponent yesterday Catania.

There have really been a refereeing error yesterday, it is undeniable and contrary to what some argue, nobody denied. Successively Angelo Alessio and Beppe Marotta agreed that the Sicilian goal was regular. But the impression is general is that refereeing mistakes are intolerable when they are in favor of Juve. They denounce an exceptional power of Juve (reference to what the Sicilian President believes that the Bianconeri bench cancelled the goal) and especially they consider too easily that this goal could have condemned the game. Neglecting on the way the punch suffered by Paul Pogba in the penalty area by Spolli (see photo) or the handball of Legrottaglie in the same area. “Juve would have won anyway” Beppe Marotta said yesterday, and although we can not totally give him reason, statistics dismantle that Juventus has always been able to return to the score. Led by Genoa to half-time, The team was able to find the resources to win 3-1. Similarly situated against Chelsea, Shakhtar and Nordjsaeland, the Bianconeri made the game, especially in the second half and were able to maintain their unbeaten. But as for the goal of Muntari, here too, we consider that the goal of Bergessio would have condemned Juve and almost faked the league…

Still many questions on this topic. We saw comments from Catania speaking of “the death of football.” We regret not having heard them when Catania has unjustly been denied a penalty against Inter a few weeks ago. Finally, Italy seems, even if there had been an awareness for Muntari’s goal, (re) discover that there is a problem with the arbitration. As if, when Juve did not win, there were no errors. As if Juventus dominated institutions now at the point of “ordering” and awaken old ghosts of Calciopoli that Moratti was eager to discuss today. The ineffectiveness of the referees added behind the goal, something strongly desired by those same people who attacked the Bianconeri after the goal of Muntari, has been demonstrated several times this season, but the controversy only rages in a Juventino space and brings therefore a lack of respect towards the old lady, who is faced to such aggression, decided to cancel the press conference of Angelo Alessio tomorrow.

So what conclusions? Regrets again… It is true that we can only deplore this difference in treatment of teams by some of the press and unjustified attacks or at least disproportionately against the Bianconeri who this season strive to do not ignite in situations that are nevertheless hardly unsustainable. The polemics have not missed since the arrival of Conte and the new successes. Decidedly, Juventus is back

Source: juventus-fr.com

Adapted by: Shaman SuperVagabond