Exclusive interview taken on 25.12.2011 for MYJUVENTUS.NET by: Mike Prise
Who is Mister Fabio? well, is  the same man who writes this masterpieces:
Tactical Analysis: Milan-Juventus 1-2

First of all thank you for this great favor that you do me and all who love Juventus through the detailed tactical analysis of each Juventus game. 

Since when you’re passionate about tactics and how did you get the idea to do this in an organized way on a site like uccellinodidelpiero.com? 
“Before the tactics I am a football fan since I was born. The passion for football and for Juventus I owe to my father. I played football as a child, I went for the youth of Palermo, my birthplace and residence, but relatively early (26 years) the circumstances have led me to play the role of coach (first player-manager) in an amateur team. And when you begin to make the coach, you will inevitably be interested in tactics. I’ve always lived in the field and my love for football and everything that happens on the pitch was/ is not paid off in the traditional media where, trivially said, talking about everything that happens off the field and just little, and competently debatable, what is happening in the field of play. I turn off the TV at the moment when the referee blows the final whistle. Wandering on the net looking for something nice to talk about football, and Juventus in particular, out of the usual patterns I came across the blog of Antonio (Corsa): chirping, technical profiles of players, interesting opinions, not trivial and well written . Nice indeed. And in a corner of the screen a request for contributors to the blog. I immediately thought it would be the right spot to be able to talk about played football and about Juventus. I’ve sent an email to Antonio proposing myself for tactics analysis. I sent him a test article (Ajax-Juventus 1-2, Champions League, Zaccheroni on the bench and double from Amauri), which he published immediately. And we started.” 

I must admit I was impressed by the work you do. How many hours you work for a tactical analysis? “On average, 6 hours, for most of the night. Seem to many, but they are not. I take some notes during the match: exact minute of something interesting or tactical situations that I want to highlight. After the end of the match I see again (for the most part with fast forward) the match,stopping to take pictures based on my notes and ideas that the game gave me . Then there is a phase of selection of the most interesting pictures and then writing of the article that goes parallel to the processing of the pictures. Sometimes there is also the video part.” 

Together with you, I received with great confidence Antonio’s arrival at Juve. Why were you confident and why do you think he managed in such a short time to bring Juventus to the first place without a defeat? 
“I was confident in the goodness of the choice of Conte for the bench of Juventus. A young coach, very hungry, juventino, with real ranks on the shoulders and already a winner. We must not forget that the coach has two promotions in serie A and that in serie B, very tactical league, you do not win unless you’re good. Having said that his impact was beyond all expectations, even the most optimistic. Is well prepared, he has character, he knows what he wants and how to get it, he knows how to convey his ideas to the players. Tactically he turned inside out Juventus, playing, beyond the results, a game at the opposite of that played last year. Conte is simply very good. “

How can you explain this unexpected turn in terms of modules, after just a few games in Serie A? How come someone like Conte, who was considered a fundamentalist in terms of modules, successfully changed the module during the game as necessary and according to the opponent (3-5-2, 4-3 -3, 4-4-2 , etc..)? 
“I have already given the answer: he is good. The reasons for the switch to 4-3-3 must be sought in the need to play alongside Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio: would be a crime to provide a module that would sacrifice one of the three on the bench or in a role not his. And the 4-3-3 corresponds exactly to this need. Like all coaches (in fact, like all the good ones) the coach wants the best in the field and this 4-3-3 allows him to do that. The 3-5-2, Conte also said, is responding to the needs of particular opponents, like Napoli and Udinese who exploit the very breadth of the field in attack.” 

Speaking of modules, do you think the matches with Naples, Rome and Udine couldn’t be addressed other than 3-5-2 (module of security and protection) that eventually took us only 3 points in 3 games? 
“In Rome we actually played with a 4-3-3 that then changed in the non-ball possession to the offensive moves of Rome. The 3-5-2 we really played to Naples and Udine. In Naples we have done for me a very good game and only individual oversights led the team to suffer three goals. In Udine we have suffered more in attack to the absence of Vucinic, especially in a 3-5-2, he felt much. In the absence of Mirko we would have been able to confirm the 4-3-3 or keeping 3-5-2, choosing more quality men (Giaccherini or the same Pepe as left wing / Quagliarella striker). That said, in Udine was not easy and we have not given anything to Friuli.” 

We played well only with Naples (where we had Mirko who was decisive in that game and others). Wouldn’t have been better to keep the 4-3-3 and grope a different approach to the games? 
“I already partially gave my opinion in the previous answer. In addition, I would emphasize the importance of Vucinic in the economy of the team. From either as a center forward or starting from the outside serving as offensive regista: provides game times to department teammates and to the insertions of mezzali. It seems to you only a coincidence that the fogging of Matri and Marchisio coincided with the absence of Mirko or rather Vucinic makes Alessandro play well, placing him in rhythm with the quality and timing of his passes, and helps with his movements and his game technique the lethal entries of Claudio.” 

What do you think of Giovinco, Montolivo and Caceres in Juve? They are good enough to lead Juventus to the next level, or does Marotta need to sign some really “big” names? 
“Giovinco is playing well in Parma, but I don’t think he’s doing wonders, neither could do at Juve. I would monetize him. Montolivo is for me a very good player. If he arrives in January to breathe the midfielders I would not mind at all. Besides, can play both the role of Pirlo or as a mezzala and this would be invaluable. Caceres did not thrill me at the time at Juve: too impetuous to please me as a defender. I then lost sight of him.” 

Do you believe that Paolo De Ceglie can become a great fullback? 
“His role is this. A good change for Juve. “

If you could buy a player without a price limit in January, in what position would you do it? 
“I absolutely think that in the mercato of players you should be buy the talent. And is the talent that takes a lot more on attack rather the defense: the effectiveness of the defensive phase depends much less on the talent of the players as the attack phase. So if I have to spend money without limits, I will spend in attack. Always. “

How do you think this Juventus will do in the future European Conmpetitions ? Along with this expected increased competition, is it essential to get another playmaker to be able to replace Pirlo, before the next season? 
“The team plays very well and this is very important in the European arena, where you win if you have a good team game. In this sense, Juventus is the most “European” from Italian teams for the type of play. Knock on wood, and doing all the incantations necessary to address a championship season also with Champions League would need at least a replacement of similar quality to that of the owners for each department. To gain advantage, then we would buy the famous “top player” in the attack.”

Do you believe the tradition that says that the Winter Champion will be the winner of the championship? With the rankings so close do you believe that already is someone’s league ? 
“Milan seems favorite because the factor Ibra. We play better, but Ibra provides to Milan more points in matches, and there are not few, in which Milan is not playing well. But the league, just because Milan is not compelling, it is not already booked.” 

I and the Juventus community, wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and let’s hope in summer we can all enjoy a great victory! 
“Best bianconeri wishes to you and all the juventini. And thank you for the interest shown in my tactical analysis.”