Thank you again Claudio! Fino alla fine Forza Juventus, In Goal!
I present you, proudly, the first interview for MYJUVENTUS.NET of our beloved Claudio Zuliani, who despite not beeing in perfect physical condition (Get Well Soon) took the time to answer some of my questions. ENJOY:

First of all thank you for this great pleasure that you’re doing to me. I must say that I’ve dreamed this moment. You have to understand that even outside Italy, you are much appreciated. And not only for your unique commentary, but also for your ideas. How do you feel? 
“I’m not on top form, but calmly, I will try to find it.”

Since when you’re a Juventus fan? 
“Always have been.”  

Do you think this game with Milan is really decisive?, If you ask me, seeing the rest of the season I am more concerned about Bologna, and other teams like them … 
“Milano’s match could have been important in the case of our success that has not arrived. Now we must play away for three consecutive times (Bologna, Genoa, Florence), after this cycle we will understand more about our future.” 

I remember a video from a wine festival (or something) in the summer of 2011, I forgot where, when you were shouting with the people there, the name of Antonio. Those were the days when everyone wanted Villas-Boas … Mazzari … or someone else. Why were you one of those who led Conte to Juve
“Because Juve came from two disastrous championships and did not need a coach with name that wants players to expensive, needed a young coach, emerging, prepared, smart, tough and above all, Juventino into the bowels to return the sacred fire to our players.” 

I don’t like the 3-5-2, I never did. But if it gives us the results … What do you think about this “fundamentalist” Conte? He switched from 4-2-4 to 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 and now to 3-5-2, where will he stop? 
“Antonio has spent the summer training camp to teach the 4-2-4 in detail, then tacked on going 4-3-3 from 4-1-4-1 to 4-2-3-1. Doing so has optimized the use of the three midfielders. The next step was, in the absence of Vucinic, the 3-5-2 which covers and that gives space to two true strikers. Juve can play with all modules and change during the game under way thanks to the hard work from the summer that has inculcated more difficult module of the game for the spirit of sacrifice and abnegation. “

Why Vucinic doesn’t score more? Is the worst season so far for him, if we’re talking only about goals … 
“Because has never been a big scorer but a whimsical player who occasionally is absent from the game, which should add a lot of work for the team and the game is done.”

If you were Andrea (Agnelli), would you extend Alessandro’s contract with another year? 
“I’m not Andrea Agnelli ….” 

Do you think Conte will last as Juventus coach for many years? Maybe we should create our own Sir Antonio … 
“For what he was able to do this year, Antonio deserves a contract for 10 years for how has defended the team against everything and everyone.” 

You’ve said in an interview on, you see Claudio “The Prince” the man of the year for Juventus. He started very well, but now … do you think he can return to form from of the first half of the season? 
“Marchisio and Vidal are paying an amount of sensational energy for competitive nastiness and sacrifice in the field. This attitude has been instrumental in the early months to return to be competitive and both have now a natural physical break. I’m sure that will both come back amazing and graceful in season finale.” 

Why have you accepted my interview? 
“Because when I can, I’m always available” 

Can you promise me that will give, occasionally, other interviews in the future for MYJUVENTUS.NET
“If there will be another occasion, gladly. “

Thank you and take care, because we need you! Fino alla fine Forza Juventus
“In goal!” 

Interview taken 2.March.2012; Exclusive for
by: Mike Prise