Either of this players would have been good aditions to Juve ..but it seems that neither Radja would arrive

In these days many have asked us and they are wondering if Juventus did well to lose Fredy Guarin taking Caceres and chasing Nainggolan, perhaps if no surprises, will not come. Many people wonder if it was better to take Nainggolan groped at 14 to 15 million rather than Guarin to 11.5. 

The answer is YES: probably Juventus have done well to follow this strategy for a simple reason, the two evaluations are very similar and one is an NON-UE and then penalizes club choices, occupying a place. 

Summarizing to explain the situation. Juventus have had in hand Guarin under the same conditions of M***A: it is 1.5 million for the loan and 10-11 million if transfered. 

However, despite the negotiations were at an advanced stage, Caceres was chosen by Antonio Conte who wanted a valuable addition in the defense. The discourse holds, given that since last August, we have always maintained that the Juventus needed a more flexible defender and Caceres in our terms of value/money is the best option. Here, therefore, that giving up Guarin, has passed on Nainggolan to the view seemed more expensive, but as things stand it is not. 

Going to see from the economic point of view is even less, because Nainggolan cost-would cost in June, if not we have a surprise tonight, 10 million in three years while Guarin 11.5, as well as counterparts. If we analyze the counterparts, however, as a result of the vivarium, for the club are all gain and in the end is inserted in a player with greater value with less cash. 

The operation, so completely squares, at this point we expect to see tonight 19.00 hours if Nainggolan will arrive or if it will just be Padoin … on Padoin we do not want to say too much for a simple reason: we are here to praise Conte, if Conte thought Padoin is functional, then we trust him, for the rest without Conte we would not be anywhere. But beware, do not be surprised of a Padoin took … and then turned . 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise