I would like to present my concerns about the possible arrival of Aguero in Torino!
The first thing that doesn’t thrill me is that we never heard Aguero statements in which he says “Juve would be a dream,” Maybe, we‘ll see or at least I’m flattered that a big club like Juve are looking for me ?” 

Maybe I was left behind, or maybe I have not read everything there was to read, but other than his agent, El Kun has never spent a word about our  glorious club (because that is)!

What do I think?

I think he wants Real Madrid and this worries me a lot!

Why do you say? Because if Juventus really go to port the deal , and would arrive in Italy (which I did not think get into his plans) for 35/40 million, and would play a disastrous season on purpose (just 23 years old) and constricting the club selling him in a 10/15 million less, who knows, maybe just at Real, the following year!

A bit like has happened with Diego, only that the season has been disastrous for the whole team.

I know that my argument is too pessimistic, but after 5 years of slaps, dear children, I do not know what to think! Years ago I recognized the champions on sight! Baggio, Del Piero,Zidane, Nedved, you could tell right away that would have made ​​history!

As happened with Diego, I can not see Aguero as a future bianconero champion, but I really hope to be wrong!

by: Carlos 
adapted by: Mike Prise