The situation of Arturo Vidal is still uncertain. Juventus did not put him officially on the market, but abroad, sniffing that the situation is not totally fluid, in the next weeks wil make an attempt for the Chilean champion. In particular, there is a company who would like Vidal and not from today, Real Madrid. Carletto Ancelotti considers the Chilean the player potentially perfect replacement for Sami Khedira who likely will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season by not renewing the contract expiring June 30, 2015.

The Real Madrid would have a crazy idea, offering as early as January, Khedira to Juventus in exchange for the Chilean. To date, the evaluation of Vidal and Khedira is profoundly different. The German goes with the expiring contract around 15 million, about three times, Arturo Vidal. Juventus, however, might be willing to do a discount, reaching 40 million and Khedira in accepting exchange, plus the player has the same age as the Chilean.

In practice, the Bianconeri would have a player more or less the same potential, still young and 25 million to spend on the market. Considering the summer operations between Juventus and Real (Morata deal), the idea is anything more than a fantasy. We will see in the coming weeks whether Madrid will try the attack, or not.

To date, the Juventus has no intention to sell Vidal but if should continue in the Chilean attitudes that are not worthy, then everything would become possible. Vidal is now concentrated on his national team but we are confident that right from the challenge with Sassuolo and Athena will show everyone the champion he is.

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