Unfortunately, in Italy it works so, justice is not equal for everyone. The repentant, exist and may well have “sold” the games for years, but someone considers him credible. Unfortunately, honest people are pilloried in the name of other reasons. We lived in 2006 with two-speed justice, we risk living it now. This time, we are here, we will take, however, our risks will defend with drawn sword Antonio Conte, if the rumors that we read were confirmed. 
We do not accept that Antonio Conte is remitted on nothing (because nothing is), we do not accept that the first passer with unfounded accusations could stain the clarity of a man. Antonio Conte is innocent, indeed super-innocent and if tomorrow or tonight will be referred we are ready to all (journalistically speaking) to defend him. As usual we will be at his side, not bias, but because justice compels us (just think that the only coach who appears in scommessopoli is that of Juventus, the only one …)
We are sure of one thing, though, from this incident we will get even stronger, just like Juventus, this, to say just like Conte “is beyond any question.” 

 source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS