Ladies and gentlemen, welcome home! 
We are tens of millions of fans worldwide, we are millions in Italy and hundreds of thousands in this city. 
We know to rejoice, we know to suffer, we know to grit our teeth, we know to win. 
We are the people of Juve.We are people who you recognize when you look into their eyes, eyes that know how to accept the results achieved in the field, on a green field like this, marked by green lines that define our destiny.Lines that do not lie because the field is always saying the truth. A field like this has anointed 29 times Italy champions , 2 times European Champions and World Champions. 
Today we write a new chapter of this legend, a legend that beyond bitterness and joy, a legend that goes beyond the chairmen and players, a legend that has warmed the hearts of generations. 
A legend that now goes into her home: Juventus. 
When we go here at home we will look into our eyes and our eyes will cross the eyes of our boys, boys who want to win because winning has always been our habit and is a great habit! 
Now try for a moment to close your eyes, reopen them and watch your neighbors. 
Never forget the faces of your neighbors are the faces of Juve who meet after 114 years when the bianconero people finally won its new home. 
We have our house! We have our beautiful home! We have amazing fans! 
And we will always be united, today and tomorrow, ready to shout together: “Fino alla fine..” Forza Juventus, Andrea!