Today, 6.05.2012, we need to have 11 Moreno in field! 11 Lions! 

Once upon a time there was
A king!”, You would say.

No, you are wrong Once upon a time there was
A piece of wood!“, Yet you would say.

No, you are wrong again. There was once a warehouseman in Carate, who dreamed of playing in Juventus and had become a successful champion in the Juventus history.

Here is the story of Moreno Torricelli, of a furniture warehouseman and Inter-regional player, who in one fine day, during a friendly between his Caratese and Juventus, was spotted by Trapattoni, who decided to take him to his court, then in Turin .

Moreno was paid in the summer of ’92, the beauty of “60 million lire.”  Baggio‘s car costed, that time, almost double.
It was so that the
powerful fullback reaped off his warehouseman shirt and went to put on the prestigious Juventus jersey.

I want to remember to you all the first interview with Moreno in Bianconero stripes, in a newspaper of the time, which summarizes his history, one that every young player wants to live.

I am a normal guy, who was a warehouseman and has had much of luck. I started playing football, young, as a natural passion. I grew up in the youth of Como, then I changed a number of clubs in the area: Cantù, Folgore, Verano, Oggiono.So I came to Caratese, interregional league. My dad did the truck driver, and my mother Teresa has accepted my job as a footballer when she realized that Juve really wanted : first, in fact, was a hobby for everyone, I lived with the money for my work as a warehouseman.

Then, suddenly sprung up Juve and I did not believe until the last moment. I just had two games, one with Pro Vercelli and one with Lecce, when we played two friendly matches with Juventus who needed loans for the games with Ancona and  Vicenza.

My story started from there ..

It was a certain effect, during the first period, to read the formation of Juventus: Peruzzi, Torricelli, Dino Baggio, Conte, Kohler, Carrera, Platt, Vialli, Roberto Baggio, Moeller, Casiraghi.

Reading the name of Moreno, joined to that of so important Champions , was at least strange.
Instead, game after
game, the young man forced himself to the attention of all the football coaches, showing power and ease of race incredible. Lacked, it is true, grace and technique, which was cover with a grit and a determination not easily found in other athletes.

He lived his dream , with anger and impulse, preventing himself to wake up.
His challenge to the world of football was launched in September 13, 1992, his debut in Serie A: JuventusAtalanta 4-1.

The Trap promotes fixed starter, winning his first trophy, the UEFA Cup final with Borussia Dortmund.
From that moment all recognize Moreno as the Champion who will win 3 Juventus Scudetto, Italy Cup, Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, Italian Super Cup, European Super Cup, with a total of 230 appearances in black and white and three goals to his credit.

Comes not so sudden, even the national team.
The national team is replacing the Bianconeri jersey during the World Cup in France in 1998, thanks to the call of Cesare Maldini.
Most likely Moreno thought again at his warehouse coat while wearing that shirt “color of the sky“, refusing to wake up again: his dream was to go on forever, like his new blue shirt.

In the summer of ’98 asks to be transferred from Juventus to Fiorentina of Trap, his father and teacher, but that’s another story, viola color , which will replace the black and white, which made him become the champion and idol of all children, who dream of taking off the school apron to wear the jersey of the team of their dreams, and of many players who fight in the amateur championships, risking their ankles in mud fields of the province.
Now Moreno is the coach, with Juventus in the heart, as repeatedly pointed out in interviews.

And unfortunately the news of the terrible misfortune that last year that struck him: the death of his wife, Barbara, just 40 years, following a terrible disease.
It ‘s true that the destiny wants it all back.
But Moreno will fight, as he did on the field, on the right lane, with the determination of a warrior in him, because his dream will continue forever.

Once upon a time there was
A king!, You would say.
No, you’re wrong. There was once a great
Juventus champion

by:  Riccardo Gambelli
adapted by: Mike Prise