Tonight at the Juventus Stadium is a special place reserved for a much-awaited host Mino Raiola, the agent of Paul Pogba. The Juventus a. D. Beppe Marotta and D.S. Fabio Paratici in recent months have maintained contact over the phone, but it is now time that they see him in person.

Several times Juventus gave their willingness to adapt the contract of Pogba now tied until 2017 with a salary of 1.5 million Euros net. The Juventus has never hidden its willingness to grant him a jump at an altitude of 4.5 million (more net), ie the maximum level in the Juventus pink. But the foreign sirens for Pogba led to almost double, around 8 million net. And what recommended to Juve and Raiola to opt for a wise raise.

Now is approaching the time of the big decisions. The PSG is clearly in pole position thanks to the listing of 70 million Euros. The Real is making his run and it is clear that the blitz of Raiola can help the parties to clarify the subject. The countdown has already started. In PSG home, the only unknown may be linked to the effects of the UEFA Financial Fair Play, but the club of Al Thani is equally determined to close the deal quickly. It is no mystery that the agent italo-olandese in Paris is home, as a bit ‘of his clients major wear that shirt. So far entourage of Pogba did not reveal the specific preferences, leaving white paper to Juventus. The common strategy is to not put stakes on anyone. And this favors an auction that could raise the price again. This is also why the Turin summit can provide updates on this monster operation.