Tomorrow there will be the second act of the new Juventus who will try to win at Siena, newly promoted team thanks to Mr. Conte will sit on the opposite bench. Many are curious to see how the team will respond to this week over-praise received a bit from all (several seemed to gufate). As always we will divide our analysis into three basic sections: Modules comparison, Key Challenges, Conclusions. 
Calaiò Brienza have already made ​​it clear that for them the module of Conte has no secrets. People with a minimum of intelligence already know that the modules have no secrets but to have the players to run and dribble more and better than others. Having said that, Juventus will be back to face an opponent with the mirror module. A 4-4-2 different from that of Parma as we shall see later. Because if the Parma fielded the same module that will line Siena does not mean that the game still has the same attitude. Apart from the fact that in this day Siena is to play at home (goodbye the twelfth man?) there is a choice, by Mr. Sannino, far more ruthless than that made ​​by Colomba, who came to Turin to take up less goals possible (without being able, by the way). 
Brienza and Mannini are two very different players, and the first technically delicious prefer to bring the ball to his foot and cut the field, the second great runner specializes in placements without the ball and there are many goals he has done in his career. D’Agostino is another key element of the team and will surely want to show off against the “almost his” Juventus. 
Brienza Vs Krasic / Lich: Taking good as the probable formation of Juventus (although there is always the doubt Krasic / Elia and Peppe right) we see that the focus of the Siena game lies in the slippery Brienza. In your opinion should Lich sacrifice in coverage or take advantage of poor defensive mood to devastate the lane along with the blond of Serbia? Nothing extremism. Although this battle could be crucial, Lich and Krasic (or whoever) will simply take advantage of the alternating and overlapping, without getting caught by the desire to attack all the time, because in this case would be enough to send a Siena counter atack to get the the Juventus defense again in crisis. In this case, my modest point of view leads me to prefer Pepe to Krasic. 
D’Agostino-Gazzi Vs Pirlo- Marchisio: Two pairs similar type of players with the “technique” balance strongly in favor of Turin. D’Agostino could be dangerous especially in case of counter-atack and some free-kick. While Gazzi, great destroyer, almost certainly will staunch man-to-man Pirlo. But we the other side have Marchisio that if free from pressure, as it should be, can change the game. Is the cancellation of Pirlo in exchange for the freedom of the Principino. Unfortunately happens more often than Pirlo become essential for Juventus while the opponents attempt to confine him. But we’re okay.
Grosso VS Mannini: Usually players who do not play for a long time the first game seem refreshed and strong, is very common situation and it would not be surprised by a great performance by Grosso , that over time, however, suffer the backlash and will reach a state of form to lows record . That said to us is only used for a game, maybe two or three, until January 1. Mannini from making his is an ugly beast. Continuous insertions without the ball and a great physique, fortunately sometimes stumbles on the ball although he made many goals in Serie A (28 career, 15 in series A). We’ll see if the revived Grosso will succeed in limiting the player of Siena. 
Gonzalez and Calaio should be kept at bay by the torque Chiellini- Barzagli without too much difficulty, if the two will have the performance of last week. As for the defense of Siena there are some question marks on players as Vitiello and Rossettini: the first is only the second in A, while Rossettini is a full right-back moved to the center of defense. We’ll see if Del Piero & Co. will manage to be critical for the Sienese part.
As always, FORZA JUVE! 
by: Filippo Gruni 
adapted by: Mike Prise