Is this right time that Antonio Conte has found the quadrature of the circle? I hope not because it would mean returning to the fundamental football and leave the flexibility and unpredictability that made ​​the fortune of the Bianconeri this season … as always divide our analysis into three basic sections: Modules comparison, Key Challenges, Conclusions . 
Conte, unless sensational last minute surprises should reconfirm the 11 who defeated prescriti and Fiorentina, then off to this strange 4-3-3 in its asymmetry, which finds a perfect balance (or almost).Since its 
Mazzarri will have to deal with the absence of Gargano and probably Aronica, but this year certainly can not complain about the short bench, as always, and will confirm its 3-4-2-1. Could be critical the effort of the UCL on Wednesday, for the nerves and the muscles, we’ll see if the Bianconeri manage to put on the athletic to harness the three tenors of Naples. 
 Tactical key: the defense in 3 / 5 of Naples seems made ​​on purpose for the Bianconeri attack of 3, yet it is right on the bands that Mazzarri finds more difficulties. For example: in case of non-possession of Naples and the Juventus attack, through the overlapping of full-back, left side of the Neapolitans, the entire Neapolitan defense will have to climb with Campagnaro which will close in the end, Cannavaro and Fernandez marking their men at the center and Maggio will have to settle on the defensive line, forming the classic defense of 4. All this involves (in addition to a large synchronous) a weakening in the middle of the field, unless Hamsik and Lavezzi begin to do overtime, favoring inserts of our two raiders: Marchisio and Vidal. Now let’s play: try to guess how many times this tactical situation happens , and Sunday evening we will see who got it! (I say 7) 
Vucinic Vs Vucinic : Who says it makes no sense? Montenegrin is the only one capable of limiting and disappear from the game if on cue, there is no good Fernandez, or Canna-varo or Maggio able to block him. 
 Hamisk Vs Pirlo: Mazzari probably line up Lavezzi on the side of Chiellini to exploit the speed of argentine. In the event that will be deployed on the left, then Lich will not have to forget about him for no reason at all. It ‘s possible that Hamsik will act more in the central area just to annoy Pirlo (what a surprise!). 
 Inler Vs Marchisio: The Hound of Naples against our man in best shape. It will be wonderful and definitely a fight that could alter the balance of the game. Inler both runs, he retrieves a lot and knows how to play ball with ease, Marchisio has more flash, more unpredictability and now even more leg. Who among the two begin to put pressure to another will surely led points to their team .. 
Now we know we’re a great team, great teams are not afraid of anything or anyone they fear only themselves. And we, juventini friends, how afraid are we of Juventus? 

 by: Filippo Gruni adapted by:Mike Prise