Abandoned the rhythms so dear to Mr. Conte, we find ourselves thrown into a league that does not seem to want to go forward. The Bianconeri desire to confirm comes constantly decimated by events more or less troublesome, as the storm in Naples, which will eventually make life extremely difficult for Juventus in terms of calendar, we will see what tomorrow may hold the game with the Rosanero … 
We divide, our analysis into three simple sections: Modules comparison, Key Challenges, Conclusions. 
With the commitment of the national players and the doubt of Andrea Barzagli is virtually impossible to say with certainty which module will adopt Antonio Conte. We can imagine two situations that could very likely will come true. 
  1. Barzagli and Pirlo, YES: in this case Conte will be deploying 4-3-3 who defeated Fiorentina and M***A but will remain in doubt as a survivor of an injury, slight albei, and a player of a certain age who has never stopped from September , league and national team.  
  2. Barzagli and Pirlo, NO: would change a lot the line of Conte, Chiellini would again be center-back clearing position for De Ceglie or Estigarribia (experiment …). Marchisio and Vidal would form the midfield with two hyper offensive wings ready to dust off the legendary 4-2-4. In this case it would be a must to dust off one of Elia and Krasic. Assumptions and fascinating situations that sooner or later will have to be addressed. 
Mangia on the other hand will resurface the usual Christmas Tree with Miccoli as a lone striker (so much depends of Pinilla) behind will play the Israel talent Zahavi and Josiph Ilicic. THE rest of the team will be confirmed without surprises. 
Tactic Key : Palermo is definitely designed for the counter-attack. Juventus have so far shown to be improved on sinking opponents but with Chievo showed the old wounds. We will have to be careful, therefore, to the counter-attacks on our free-kicks (if Bonucci and Chiellini were going to jump). 
The focus of the game will probably Bacinovic but the real surprise may be Zahavi who is increasingly getting used to our league. 
IS now the time to see how valuable are Elia, Krasic and Quagliarella? This is because Palermo has repeatedly proved to have problems to close on the bands with the two midfielders flanking the Central Methodist unsuitable to close on the wings, due to slowness. 
This is why players like Elia, Krasic and Quagliarella (in a trident) could make the difference that Pepe is currently not, despite he plays at 100%. 
Lich VS Balzaretti: Are both full-backs and thus unlikely to collide, but the side is one and the same identical offensive propensities. We’ll see which of them will be able to embarrass the other with the sacred rule of overlap. 
Zahavi VS ??: A dilemma, the Israel likes to start from the left, but more often is getting inside. We’ll see him shoot from various areas of the field, whereas Ilicic prefers the right side. One of our central defender will surely get him but at the same time should not be lead around by tightrope from Israel. 
Buffon Vs Miccoli: Against us, the rebellious exalts. Masterstrokes with unprecedented ease. Given that Miccoli takes the field in good condition, we will surely a good battle between the attacker and our goalkeeper. Although this time there will be no hesitation on the final result. 
Starting again after a long time and after finding a rhythm, a style and optimal physical and mental condition is not at all simple. We just have to believe in Juve and the work they have done in these football boring days. 
Forza Juventus! 

source:canalejuve.itadapted by: Mike Prise