Fabio Quagliarella motivated, friendly, and reload from the last goals, the guest of Pierluigi Pardo in “premium football club”: 

“I’m fresher than my national team-mates because is a year and a half that I take a rest. 

My injury took me mental energy. When I was coming back I took a whack on the knee in America and then Lecce .. 

I told Mr. that next year on January 6 I do not play .. I told the Mr. that in career I’ve played all the roles in the attack, I am a wild card for coach and I am willing to do any module. 

With Conte no one is sure of his place and the formation we know to last moment. In the next matches, Lazio and Rome may put us in more trouble than the others. The motivations of our opponents are a thousand because they want to take away unbeaten record. 

With the results this season more peaceful and tranquil environment: Alex is often sitting next to me on the bench and joking on a lighter. If they offer a contract is ready to sign, is one professional model. 

Pirlo is the strongest midfielder in the world and when we are in trouble we give the ball to him. In my career did not happen ever have cramps during the week. With Conte happens on Tuesday and Wednesday because always keeps us running. 

Conte gave me confidence: he knew me after injury and he waited for me. 

We will win the Scudetto? Let us hope” 

adapted by: Mike Prise