Fans defend him, if they cuddle and call him in the field: Fabio Quagliarella is beloved by fans and, from this point of view, could easily end his career at Juventus. 

Try to make a ride on the official Facebook page of the player: you will lose hours and hours reading messages of encouragement towards the Stabiese. In many hope to see him soon in the field, those who enjoy the double hope that Fabio will score the winning goal against Napoli at 90 °, for what would be the revenge of all.

From his part, Fabio wanted to reassure all on his present physical form, but not limited to, responding to his fans and also to… Conte. Oh yes, because on the last post published by the twenty-eight attacker you can find a bit of everything: an answer to the skeptics, a reassurance to those who wait for his big comeback and a signal to his coach, who in a press conference a few weeks ago, said he still does not see him in a good mental level because the months of stop after a serious injury at start of January. Quail’s words can be interpreted so literally, but also have the air of a little dig against Juventus coach:

“I’ve read that many of you are worried about my health: do not worry, I’m fine! Both physically and psychologically …! Good weekend to all.” Those ellipsis can not go unnoticed: they say a lot.

In short, the message is clear: Fabio Quagliarella is ready, at last, and has a strong desire to play. Conte is notified, Eta Beta wants to give back magical wonders from his technical background.