There are choices that surround reality. Up to distort it, forcefully. Curve until it becomes like a twig, intended as the string of a violin. Sometimes even sharp, as mirrored blades like¬†those that have made a small German town Solingen as the European Capital of daggers and knives. Of course, every decision has a slow maturation and requires a good deal of understanding. It can therefore happen that some choices are difficult, if not impossible, to explain by resorting to logic alone. Keep the “confinement” Quagliarella to make way for the eternal promise Giovinco after the triumphant campaign Pescara might seem an affront. Scored a hat-trick in a basin anything but hostile despite the usual chorus of derision in regard to Antonio Conte, perched in the impregnable sky box stadium “Adriatic”, confirms the need to accelerate a choice, the Vucinic partner’s , which has become essential to set goals and break down the boundaries a season lived as all defined as that of consecration.

The goal with overhead kick, the first touch to unblock for the teammates who gravitate at his side and the now customary ability to perform movements of half-moon, the favorites of Conte in his standard module, however, do not seem to have convinced in the whole the technical of Puglia on use, constant, of his punter. The compliments addressed to Zeman, a sworn enemy of environment forced to endure for more than sixteen months, attacks from media stitched specifically to make it less easy the way in the league,  have not certainly helped to strengthen the position of Quagliarella in the hierarchies of attack . And maybe not even that in organic, considering the willingness to try to complete the exchange with Osvaldo, cuirassier of the area, in addition to movement in Rome mistreated at beginning of the year. To arouse concern is therefore the refractoriness of Conte of using a attacker unique for running skills and a sense of the goal.

More technical than Matri, more concrete than Giovinco and Bendtner put together, the bomber of Castellammare di Stabia should not even stress so much in order to gain a starting spot. Due to a greater predisposition to the goal, as well as a natural ability to exploit assists and through balls through sudden movements. If divorce will be, in January as in June, will be locker room issues to affect his future. The bond, sincere, narrow with Storari does not seem to be enough to heal the fractures arising within very thick four walls, those of Vinovo, for too long drowned in the silence of his teammates and the ringed benches on the diktat of Conte. The impression, very unfortunately, is that between Conte and Quagliarella love has never blossomed. And that resentment has sometimes top of the hill even the scope of normal professional collaboration.

Today, without the goals of the indecipherable Castellammare¬†striker,¬†Juventus would not have retain four points clear of second-placed. And would have slipped in the UEFA Cup, thanks to the defeat on the field of a Chelsea certainly not invincible but still gloomily and lucky. Patience, they say, has its limits. And that of Quagliarella, accomplice of a full recovery from serious injury had in the course of last season, seems to have top of the hill the slopes of Vesuvius …

source: tuttojuve.com; by: ALVISE CAGNAZZO