The important game against Genoa, scheduled for tomorrow evening at the “Juventus Stadium” at 20:45, marks the beginning of a series of games really close in the league from the very climax of ascending . In three days, griffons and Florentine within the walls, then the terrible pair prescriti-Naples, in these weeks we will know really at what extent it’s the path of Mr. Antonio Conte and what role can really play the Old Lady in Serie A 2011/2012. 

The Bianconeri are forging their own destiny and to stand permanently protagonists in the championship will never have to lower the voltage in all 90 and over minutes of each game. He knows very well also Fabio Quagliarella who, through his official Facebook page, greets his fans definitely entering into competitive climate: “A few hours away from another important challenge I send you a big greeting “pre training camp” from this moment on -announced Beta-Eta- maximum concentration on the match tomorrow. ” 

Probably will start again from the bench the striker of Castellammare di Stabia, but if the Conte should call during the battle, we are sure that the warrior number 18 will spare no effort and determination, fielding the usual “garra” that distinguishes him and maybe , scoring a few goals of his genius. A goal of Quaglia (beloved by the fans) could actually bring down the Juventus Stadium … and would not be guilty of steel, but the joy of those who always supports the Stabiese champion. 

by:Domenico Aprea adapted by: Mike Prise