Speaking to Sky Sports for the after-match, Fabio Quagliarella commented the Juventus 2-2  at Chelsea decided by his goal. This is evidenced by TuttoJuve.com. 

You did not play for a while in season, we remember only one piece in Udine. Today you made your debut in the Champions League with a goal … 
“Seeing how the game started is a very important result. It was a good masculine game. I have been called into question and hoped to have an opportunity, the goal has arrived and then the crossbar. I have tried hard, it’s not easy when you play little. Yet in the big teams the competition there is and is like this. ” 
You feared another bench or you had hopes to play? 
“That, there is always, first you hope to play as a starter and then in the second round to take over. Not the same but that’s fine.” 
You went to embrace Carrera after the goal. Generally, those who play little and are on the bench, are the protagonist of running to the bench … 
“Actually I was going to Storari and he  got in the way (laughs ed.). Yet I was pleased, Massimo suffers with us and I know how he feels because it was his debut in the Champions League as a coach.” 
You made a very difficult goal, the ball was stationary and Cech motionless. You went in depth control and precision with the right. The crossbar came from the left. How are you? Are you back to 100%? 
“It’s little to say that I feel 100%, but if you do not play always, is hard demonstrate this. It’ clear, workouts do not give the competition rhythm, it’s hard for anyone who is coming in. On the goal I was going to kick with left immediately, then I realized that I lost Terry and I have found one on one with Cech and I preferred to temporize. It went well. ” 

source: tuttojuve.com

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