Brothers of jersey from Notts County, 
having you with us at the opening of our new home was a romantic and historic moment at the same time. 
The new stadium celebrates our history and launches Juventus in a European dimension from an economic and sports point of view . 

In a world that no longer provides barriers, where the free flow of ideas at the speed of light thanks to the web, the thought that our friendly would have had an affectionate and ancient taste reminding to the youngsters the true origin of the Black and White jersey has galvanized our memory. 

Thursday September 8, 2011 is a date that will remain imprinted in the minds, eyes and hearts of Juventus fans. 

Never in Italy we had seen a show like this … never in Italy a football club was able to overcome the bureaucracy of our system and to build his house. 
Never imagined thst we would be able to play football at home, without barriers, with all amenities and in the best condition to return to fill a stadium of young people and families. 

Our dream has come true and you have witnessed that. 

Thursday, September 8th is a historic date, a date that changes the Italian football, a date that is changing and changes the way our fans will live matches . 

At the same stadium, side by side with the opposition fans, the English.
Fans who have given a sense of peace to the conscience, who moved to tears remembering our victims, who have rejoiced at the historic goal of their striker, who exchanged scarves, who took photos memories of our and your children. 
Fans who are proud to sing at their goals : “It’s like watching Juve”. 

Notts County fans, it was a magical and unforgettable night, also thanks to you: when sport breaks down barriers and allows to overcome the differences and grievances. 
With this spirit, our doors have been and will always remain open for people like you who knows the value of the word “supporter”. 

We were 41,000, united in the festivity, united by sport. 
When a team meets her history takes it under her arm and takes it home. 
Good luck and good football, Juventus friends. 

by:Claudio Zuliani -Mediaset Premium commentator – Juventus Football Club 1897 games. 

adapted by: Mike Prise from 

Signed:,,,,,,, clubs and juventus fans.