To us, is clear, there is a new media attack against Juventus in this case represented by Antonio Conte. A strong attack against the image of Juventus, we reiterate that has nothing to do. 

That said, to protect the company’s image, has come the time to take legal steps against those who put the image of Juventus in the middle, because in this case we repeat for the second time Juventus has nothing to do. 

Against whom we have it? Against those who has published speculations and the picture of Conte and the league title or the image of Conte and Bonucci together, almost to imagine a criminal association between the two. 

This is called distortion of information, this is called scientific operation, done on purpose to hurt an image and demean a brand. Juventus moves, we are ready to help in the search, the list of adverse media we have it in the drawer, and unfortunately, as usual it’s a long list. 

by: Massimo Pavan; source: 
adapted by: Mike Prise