Dear President Andrea,
your words at the press conference were expected far from that 2006 and finally, after waiting along the bank of the river for five long years, have arrived. Those words would have liked to hear them in that hot summer, when the game of the time was the turkey shoot against Juventus and all of the clubs strove to shake the noose to tighten around the neck of the Old Lady, primarily those who today with skilled performances of transformation are quick to abandon their master on duty in search of new shoe to shine. You in that tragic season had not covered official roles in club, so nobody can move to you faults of inaction or laxity in defending our colors, but we are sure that in your heart you must have suffered a lot for the cowardly attack against the creature put up by your Father Umberto and your Uncle Gianni.

We are all aware that, they had been alive your illustrious relatives, this sad story would have taken a different turn, in fact, a convergence of vested interests has subtly taken advantage of the power vacuum and charisma left by Umberto and Gianni Agnelli to engineer a plan willful and fraudulent, in order to impose their hegemony on the Italian football. With your arrival, things have changed, you have moved all the steps that the law allows to restore the equal treatment at the base of any competitive sport and have spurred the media component, which plays a key role in directing and create those famous “sentimenti popolari”(“popular sentiment”)

We can not hide the fact that these battles, even more than in courtrooms, are fought on the pages of newspapers, television, web and we have to give you this note, your first victory, the media, was plenty obtained. The scarlet letter P (prescription) has now been branded on the strips of the former honest in spite of what they say.

Everything that is coming out of the process in Naples, thanks to the splendid work of the excellent team of Moggi, requires answers that we await for years, and who has manipulated will have to pay. We are confident that you will not rest until this is not the case. We believed in you even when other parties have hastily branded as pulseless wait.

Let me say that you deserve an apology after the heavy words as boulders in the press conference and especially after the concrete actions and announced against the FIGC. Everything that was in your possibilities, you did and do not worry that we will continue to support this battle, as we have done for five years now, finally our “army” has found a worthy General with whom we can fight side by side to achieve victory consisting in the re-establishment of the truth.

With the hope of being able to celebrate shortly in our new home new triumphs, we say a simple but heartfelt “THANK YOU”.
adapted by: Mike Prise