The day after the big party for the 30 Scudetto, we all feel a bit empty, because it is true that the joy of having won this well deserved trophy has completely swept into the vortex of happiness, but it is also true that, it is as if something there inside had been ripped forever. That “something” is Alessandro Del Piero, our captain, at 16:20 Conte decided to replace him, and there the people in the stands and at home, could not help but be moved by the man who broke all records with this shirt, which made us experience indescribable emotions, who has given us 19 years of him, Alex Del Piero, because Alex is like a family, one that has always been there. 

On sunday, were not enough all the tears, screams and applause of the 40,000 at the Juventus Stadium, to demonstrate that Del Piero has represented the people of Juve and not only. And then the next day, the question arises: “President Agnelli, But why all this?”. Why Juve must relinquish large part of her story? Why do we need to see people cry for the end of this tale in black and white? Why  from next year onwards we should see another name on the number 10 jersey? 

There are so many other things we want to add, but perhaps now, everything has become useless, off, everything was covered by the cold part of football, that of business contracts, which has nothing to do with the heart, the emotion, The love of a Champion, because this has stopped at 16:20, when we said goodbye to the story, the myth, the legend, without understanding the real “Why”. 

No more words, just see the faces of those who Sunday had to surrender to the law of time and heart, we realized that a football field can make us feel emotions that go far beyond the green rectangle. Images of sunday will remain in our minds, but especially in the mind and heart of Alessandro Del Piero, myth, legend of a shirt and of a team, that will always see in him his CAPTAIN. And just like Alex said: “More than that, nothing.” 

source:; by: Diletta Sirna 
adapted by: Mike Prise