All Juventus supporters were convinced that the choice of Conte as a coach would have been apt. Former Juventus captain is a guarantee in several ways: the heart, determination, work, dedication, commitment, focus, in short, all useful skills to become a great coach, in the wake of those in Turin have left their mark on the bulletin board : the Trapattoni, the Lippi, the Capello, but also not forget Dino Zoff with Italy Cup and UEFA Cup. All teachers who Conte had. As many know, the game of Conte is developed mainly on the wings and for this in the summer we talked for months about “dreams” Ribery and Robben, the various Bale and company, only to be taken by the rationality of the market with Elia, Estigarribia, Giaccherini, with Vucinic ready and looking for the strength of Pepe and the revival of Krasic. For now, though, the game of Conte has shown great qualities: determination, strength, desire, run.

 Looking at the games, however, is missing the main element, the Guns of Navarone, the deadly weapon that Conte had always done his own, the unpredictable winger jumped the man and created superiority. In Turin, this lethal weapon we have not yet seen. Giaccherini touches here, Elia to review, Estigarribia on the launching pad and Pepe with a great race and will, but not exactly the number one of a lethal dribble. There would be then Krasic, but on him to leave the proceedings next month, helped by the bad time that lives for reasons that have nothing to do with football. 

 In short, Conte, was extraordinary until now because he has been able to make matches and plays without the hub. We wonder what he would have done if instead of the “slingshot” he really would have a lethal “cannon”. The hope is that the cannon will ignite with time, because then the fans could certainly point to the very top. 

 by:Massimo Pavanadapted by:Mike Prise