There is no more respect sang Zucchero. There is no more respect could sing so many in this period. At inter respect and gratitude is a word that seems to have vanished. Lucio kicked out, Julio Cesar treated as the ultimate gatekeeper of series B, Maicon almost gone, Pazzini put aside. In short, a revolution that will be evaluated only with the results. While the company has shown the door to Veterans of wins (except Pazzini), on the other hand there is another one who lives the anxiety of the results achieved. 
On Naples, speaking through its chairman when took an unfortunate round of two days ago. A poor reporter took bad words and perhaps only ever some tension. The world of soccer lives of ups and downs and Napoli that in these two years has touched the top of the post-Maradona, will have to live with the absence of Lavezzi and stomachache Cavani. 
De Laurentiis lives the moment of  the difficult choice: Grant salary of top player to Cavani and climb to the others or see him go? We would not be him, but remember that if a player is worth 70 million, holds then five million a year of engagement … 
Finally a few words about respect. We read that Ranocchia was called by Palazzi. Question: why so much noise on Bonucci and nothing on Ranocchia until the call? What happened to Ranocchia (brief article only for the call) is the correct procedure. Moreover we believe that Ranocchia is strange as Bonucci, but we would like to see in future identical treatments.
Respect must be served to all, Bonucci, Ranocchia and all the others, Antonio Conte and Gianluigi Buffon, included, THANKS! 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 

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