You are all hypocrites … that’s what you are… I am Honest…unlike you all
Over the weekend, and these days we have seen things for a hair-raising, both in the field and off the field. We will try to summarize them by identifying ten, absolutely not to show them around again, please. 

First: The errors of the linesman Romagnoli. Incredible the two errors of linesmen on San Siro. The first error is for small red triangle, in the sense that it was difficult not to see. We remain at the opinion that the game has been distorted, but that we can not say that Juventus would have lost, this says only those who have never seen JUVENTUS play this year. The second error is for orange triangle, because in the same game. Two errors that have been around the world, but still remain errors, remember that he is still a man, if you want a robot, put him to officiate. 

Second: Fox hunting between the first and second half. Between the first and second half we have seen the worst. Attempt to constraint the referee with both with real and perceived strength phrases. A hunt for Conte, black and white fox … we all know how that ended. Very sad scene. And then someone still speaks to us about Farsopoli … 

Third: The fist of Mexes. Not to be seen again, that poor reaction was also criticized by the French coach Blanc . 

Fourth: The entry of Muntari on Pirlo. There are faults of the game, but that of Muntari on Pirlo is code red. An entry from behind sanctioned so mild, that could affect the rest of the season for Juventus, should be highlighted. 

Fifth: The entry of Vidal on Van Bommel. Giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s, Vidal has done ​​a bullshit … a slap on the ear to him. 

Sixth: The half brawl at the end. At the end of game should be healthy and go in the locker room, avoiding scenes and fighting , which frankly do not help. Take example from basketball where teams sometimes run away in the locker room to avoid controversy. 

Seventh: Pelegatti. The words speak for themselves, we accept the apology, hoping that in future we can give everyone a rule. 

Eighth: Buffon Case. If you’re good they throw stones, if you’re bad, they throw stones. Possible that one can not say what he feels and be “dissected” by the media? Question the sportsmanship of Buffon, of his civic sense and fairness is paradoxical. In Italy we are all hypocrites and moralists, only when it suits us, and only about who makes us comfortable. 

Ninth: Video of Pirlo. The video on Pirlo placed online by AC Milan site constitutes proof that the end justifies the means. If you decide to haul down a champion, a player who has played for 10 years at Milan, trying to devise a test for conditioning a TV judge, then we are the end credits. BTW Nice style … 

Tenth: Amnesty. We can not help laughing. A pm that assumes the amnesty. Where was the amnesty in 2006? Where was justice then? Where is justice now? Possible that in Italy you can not have justice for all, can not exist  the same rig of judgment? Abroad, they laugh all around, especially still wonder, like the rest of us, what are the matches that Juventus has bought. Unlike Farsopoli, at least at Scommessopoli there are lots of persons involved, witnesses… in Farsopoli the void… nothing … but then no one asked or suggested thorough investigations, amnesty, or at least one of the leagues stop to ascertain the facts. This is outrageous. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise