Well, last night it became official. Pogba has returned to his first professional team. For a new World Record Fee of 105 million plus 5 of bonus.

There are so many things that we can talk about: technical, economical, strategy, marketing and many others.

What is very odd is that Paul Pogba has left Juventus exactly at the point when Juventus had the right European experience, coach and players to fight for the Only trophy that matters now. The Champions League.

Why did he returned to the same place that he in 2013 has firmly said will never return?
Pogba about Man United in 2013

Is it for the Project? for the things that will come? for the Money?

It doesn’t really matter now. The reality is that the most versatile midfield in the world, the so called MVP or MVPP that led Juventus to recent home success and to the UCL final in Berlin 2015, doesn’t exist anymore.

Now after Paul’s official departure he have also to answer the big question: Why did pay 90 million on HiguaIN?

Is it worthy to spend more money on HiguaIN than on Pogba (considering wages)? Was it the only possible big transfer that could’ve at a certain extent alleviate Pogba’s departure?

We just need to understand that these are the last 2 years for the Core Italian players, the so called “zoccolo duro” and this is the MomentNow or never.

Too dramatic? Maybe. But the reality says that we have a very old team and the next two years are their last.

Time will give us the answer like always. We will have to wait and see.

But more important is that I have to thank you Paul Pogba for the last 4 years. For all those magic moments. #Merci #Beacoup