In an interview for FIFA.com, Paul Pogba spoke about his beginnings in football and not only.

“When you have lofty goals in your life or career, you need to be able to deal with a lot of responsibility,” he explained to FIFA.com, without mentioning his own rapidly ascending trajectory. “My dream is to have a great career, so if I want to achieve that I need to be able to adapt quickly.”

“I’m gradually acquiring experience and have the good fortune to be valued by Les Bleus. I give my all for the shirt and the country, so I have no problem accepting the responsibility that it entails and putting in the maximum effort.”

“Winning the Scudetto with Juventus. Once that’s done, it would be a dream come true to win my first [senior] title with France.”

“We watched it on TV [World Cup final 1998] at home and I remember going out in our car afterwards to celebrate with friends and sound our horns.”

“Ronaldo is my footballing role model and the player that made me fall in love with football. I was enthralled by him as I used to play up front when I was younger. His technique, pace and eye for goal, as well as the variety of his play, was something I liked and admired”

“And of course Zidane too!” he added quickly. “He’s a French icon and someone who made a real impression on us. We won’t forget him. Everyone respects and admires him and we all want to emulate what he’s achieved in his career.”

“I’m confident that with this generation of players we can bring back the good times for French football. We have a fine squad and a very savvy coach who will know how to help us achieve our goals.”

“My brothers are the people who advise me best on football. Every time I progress and take a step forward, I always say it’s thanks to them and all my team-mates,” said the Juve man.

BTW Happy Birthday Paul Pogba.

PS. You can always have a bright and long career with Juventus you know?

PS2. Paul can you tell Raiola that he needs to sign more players and sell others. You can stay a little more with La Vecchia Signora.