From Spain they insist, Paul Pogba and his Juventus future remains uncertain , despite the renewal until 2019. The sport newspaper Marca today, after the long interview yesterday of Raiola, player’s agent, who is trying to maintain the high value and to maintain high the attention of the big teams, states that the French player despite the renewal has his destiny in his hands.

Pogba could in fact decide when he wants his departure. The renewal until 2019 would have been an act of gratitude to Juventus , in the Turin company would grant the permit that could leave whenever he wants. Pogba has to decide: to grow in Juventus or leave. In summer the decision, the pretenders are out there, in fact there are PSG, which could offer 70 million Euros, Manchester City who seeks the after Touré, Chelsea and expect the moves of Real Madrid.

adapted an article from tuttojuve.com