The number 10 of Juventus speaks his mind, after the fifth consecutive Scudetto in bianconero, exclusively to Mr Emanuele Gamba de “La Repubblica”:

I WANT to BE a LEGEND – “Yes, I want to be a legend. Like Pele or Maradona, even more. I do not say to be the strongest, but I want to be. I have a problem: I hate to lose. And then I like to be original, I want to do what nobody has done. I work so much because I want to be perfect and because when I win I’m happy. “

CRITICISM FROM FRANCE – “Let people say what they want. Other facts: in 2014 I was not in the Top 11 Fifa, but in 2015 Yes. In 2016 I will again be there. In France I not among the most loved? I don’t work for being the most popular, but the best. I am proud, but neither envious nor jealous. If Lloris is the most loved, I’m happy for him. “

YOU CAN ALWAYS DO MORE – “You can always do more and better. Michael Jordan has not admitted that he was wrong? The important thing is to go further. A few months ago I was not at my level, I admit, but not even the team it was. I’m all right now and I feel better, finally it seems to have helped Juve to do it’s best. Or not? “

The NUMBER 10 – “The number 10 is an important number, especially to Juve. But it’s a number. The +5? Nothing, one morning I woke up and I thought, I want to write +5 with the marker on the Jersey. It was just bullshit. “

23 YEARS and many AMBITIONS – “I won so much? Four Scudetti, only four. Not enough for my ambitions. I was ambitious even as a child, they would call me crazy, but that’s me. I want to make history, becoming the greatest ever midfielder. Model? Lampard. The midfielder I want to be is that one who does everything and knows to: shoot, dribble, score, defend. I want to become like Lampard, but more. “

IN THE FUTURE THERE IS … – “Beat Carpi, then Italian Cup and European with France. Future? I have a contract with Juventus, is not that I can wake up in the morning and go to England. Ask who takes care of this for me, for me football is the one that is played “.

EUROPEAN GROWTH – “Four years ago when we drew with Bayern we thought, it’s over. This time we thought: we can beat them. “