In an interview left to Soccer 360 Magazine n.58 – august 2015, Paul Pogba tried to clarify his near future. Here is the full interview:

After such a successful season, how disappointing was that Champions League final defeat?
It was really disappointing; all the players were so desperate to win it. We could not have done anymore. We can be really proud of ourselves. We know that we gave it everything, but in the end Barcelona were just better than us.

Just how good were that Barcelona team?
They are amazing; we know that, everybody who knows football knows that. We took them back to 1-1. but when it matters they are always able to find that little bit more. That is what separates them from the rest of Europe.

You consoled a tearful Pirlo that broke down in tears at full time, how emotional was it?
It was very emotional, Pirlo has won everything, but he was so desperate to win the Champions League with Juventus. It would I have been amazing for him and for the club, but it was not to be.

Now let’s talk positive, you won the league by an incredible 17 points…
We are very proud of our domestic season. To win one of the major leagues in Europe by 17 points is almost unheard of. We were very strong this season in Italy, the truth is nobody got anywhere near us.

Personally you have had a great season has well haven’t you?
I have been pleased with my season personally. I have become a better player. I have matured a lot. I am working hard, but when you get to learn off masters of the game like Pirlo it helps a lot.

Pirlo and other major stars have said you will go on to be the greatest midfielder in the world. Is that a lot of pressure?
If players like Pirlo and others like him are saying that, then it is a great honour. I do want 5 to be the best midfield player in the world, so it is not a pressure it is an encouragement when one of the great players in history says something like that about you.

With your incredible form has come the inevitable stories linking you to Barcelona, P56, and Chelsea…
That is not important. All I hear is that Pogba is going here or that Pogba is going there. The truth is nobody hears my private conversations with my agent, my family, and Juventus. In football there will always be stories.

Is there any player you look up to?
Like I say I have really learnt a lot off Pirlo, but also I watched a lot of Yaya Toure who plays a similar style to me. I think watching him really helped me to improve my game.

Do you feel the pressure of the French national team is on you as well?
No, I want to be a big part of it, but it is a team game and we have many good players.

And the ambition for next season?
To win trophies, I have won two this season and I am hungry for many more.