Paul Pogba has been included in the top 11 along with champions such as Messi, Ronaldo… The Juventus midfielder after the ceremony was interviewed by “La Stampa”.

TOP 11 & GOLDEN BALL – “I am very excited, I feel the adrenaline at thousands and I would want to dance. I want to be here every year. This is the beginning, indeed an important step in a process that is going as I had always dreamed of. The journey I must take the Golden Ball: I’m not a striker, but I want to achieve the same. And I must say thanks to Juve, otherwise I would not be here. “

NO other BIANCONERO And Buffon? – “Honestly, I was expecting some Juventus team-mate in the top 11. Hard to choose, but Juventus reached the final Champions, has experienced a great 2015, showed a good game and it would be logical to see someone else here. Buffon? There must always be a place for Gigi. Anywhere. I tell him every day that he is number one. The absence of a name as heavy as his, its been felt, however, have been awarded in a group of phenomena and I’m proud to be part of it. Many of them I chose to play at Playstation and now, although pretending, I’m playing with them. “

MESSI – “What a fantastic player … I look at him and admire him since I was little. How far am I to reach him? So much, I have to do kilometers. Only that once he was an idol on TV now is an idol around me, then we’ll see. This time I want to clarify a thing: Playing with Messi is another thing, I do not think at that because I already play with phenomena (at Juventus), everyday

Pogba (22 years old) is the youngest after Messi (in 2009) to enter the FIFPro World XI; the first from JUVE after Buffon (2007)