[adsense]TORINO, November 12, 2012 – Morning Pogba, what language we speak? We were told that understand Italian …
(answers in Italian) “Yes, but I prefer to speak English or French for not making too many mistakes.” (laughs and starts speaking in English)

But Conte in what language talks?
“In Italian, in Italian! But in interviews is different. The language of football is the most simple and universal: Go! Back! Shoot! And the word goal is the same all over the world. “

And in what language scolds?
“Always Italian … (smiles) “

But what happened with these two delays that have cost the convocation to Pescara? Give us his version of the facts.
“I was wrong. And I’m very sorry. And of course, I apologize because I know I have been disrespectful to Conte and my companions. It was not my intention to do so and my delays are related to issues that are very trivial, but they are mistakes. I know that mistakes are also used to mature and every experience is useful for the growth of each of us. I realized my mistake and I will do everything that will not be repeated in the future. “

Case closed?
“I think so. And I’m not going to reopen with other delays. “

At this point has repented to be at Juventus?
“Of course not! This is a great club and there are many differences compared to United, are two of the most important clubs in the world and then look like. The difference here is that I feel appreciated, the players believe in me, the coach believes in me, I have the opportunity to play. “

Is it what you was looking for this summer when he decided to sign for Juventus?
“Yes. Conte convinced me telling me that wanted me and it’s showing me he was telling the truth. I have to try to play well to get him to give me space. “

source: tuttosport.com