Only fiftytwo hours to the kick-off of Orsato, then will finally be Juventus-Napoli. All eyes of Italy pointing on the Stadium, on that green rectangle will be played a tasty slice of Scudetto, whatever happens will be a spectacle.

“We will go into the field with the usual awareness – emphasizes Paul Pogba during an interview with Sky – will face this race as we have faced all the other played so far. It’s a little odd not being first, I consider it a blow for Juventus, seen as we are used for some years now.

However this does not bother me, the important thing will be first in May, we will have to play well until the end to win the Scudetto. Now we must not lose our head. I never had any doubt that we would have played a great season – concludes Pogba – now we have to continue like this.

I feel at the center of the Juventus project, however I do not relax, always aiming to improve. Inside of me I have fun like a child, in the field, however I put myself at the disposal, feeling a point of reference “.

Pogba is fired up, the time to take what belongs has arrived.