THE LESSON The summit dates back to last April and at the time was fully taken secretly to avoid alarming the competition. On that occasion Conte, already convinced about the qualities of Pogba, presented himself  at the meeting with a lot of video material on his Juve. In practice, a lesson in accelerated tactics during which it was explained to Pogba what would have been his location in the game mechanics dear to Leccese technician, alongside or in place of Andrea Pirlo. Conte that day was convincing, as always happens when in front has a player. So much so that at the end of the meeting Pogba said yes to Juve and did not change idea in spite of the proposals, suddenly wealthy, of United for renewal.

GOLDEN PHILO The rest is history. In fact, the beginning of the story, which promises to be long. The partial and limited compensation awarded to United to maintain good relations (between the top clubs in theory there is a kind of non-aggression pact), the arrival in Turin of Pogba this time with all the trappings of formality, the immediate albeit gradual inclusion in the first team. Until reaching Saturday night, when it was confirmation of the extraordinary HIT scored by Juventus management. The trend in all evidence is the same of Pirlo, but here we are objectively beyond. At least from the point of view of the operating statement (of the sport one is to early to say, but …). Suffice it to say that the value of the tag of French now reaches about 15 million, but the arrow turns upwards and is impossible to determine when, and in what proportion, stop his run. Certainly the couple Marotta-Paratici in little more than two years has bringed in Turin the best defender of the Italian championship (Barzagli), Best Regista (Pirlo) and one of the major talents of European football with an outlay of just over a million in total. If this would have happened to their predecessors and we refer to the pre-Calciopoli, would be undergoing processes of beatification. Marotta and Paratici do not have the physique du role to aspire to that, but their good work is there for all to see.

Source: Tuttosport (article by Gianni Lovato)