Miralem Pjanic in an interview for ANSA has hailed that Juventus is aiming to win every competition this season.

“We want to win everything possible”

“We huffed and puffed at the start of the season but now we’re taking everything in our stride. As a group we play with our heads and that’s allowed us to become very flexible tactically. “

“Now that I’ve picked up the rhythm of the team and grown in confidence, I can feel myself becoming a key player for Juventus.”

“The season is long and the objectives are arriving now, in Europe and in Italy there are strong teams who will try to put us in difficulty.”

“The will to win in this squad and this club is impressive, we live to win and to do that it’s important not to have too much enthusiasm after a game you’ve won.”

“All the games from now on will be tough and complicated, but I really like the desire to win which characterises this squad and this club.”

“The sky is the limit for this group; we believe that we are good enough to win every trophy and we’ll work hard to that end.”