David Pizarro is a Chilean player… who is the other chilean Juve midfielder? 
After the arrival of Marco Borriello, who will be announced today, Juventus expects to finalize outgoing transactiong before permanently unlocking business Pizarro (there are already all the “yes” for the loan) and Caceres (for which now is a done deal, as his replacement Alvaro has already been excluded from Racing). 

In the outgoing market, then, to point out the interest of Cesena for Toni and that of Bayern to Krasic. But on the Serbian Juve does not intend to make concessions: leaves for not less than 15 mils, otherwise he will remain in Turin. 

Regarding the Amauri situation, the player is open to Fiorentina, but asks 2 years (and a half counting the remaining league) of contract. That viola seems to be the only concrete track, as abroad, surveys taken, there has never been official requests. 

source: tuttosport 
adapted by: Mike Prise