Midfield in three, as rarely happened to Juventus in recent years . Not even with Zidane we hadn’t a midfield in three, because in fact the French genius could come in and do a little defensive moves. And because Juve have always had very strong wings, that is the real lack at present. 

Not even with Diego because the Brazilian cut inside , though without giving the support that was expected. 

This time, de facto, is a three midfield(wingers play a particular role). Pirlo front of the defense, albeit at a slightly more advanced then the classic defensive mediate from the 50s, but in the rearmost position compared to Xavi. So Vidal and Marchisio to play around. 

The skills of Pirlo are indisputable: only Allegri could create a problem. There is a phrase that I love when we are together at the bar: “At least we had paid for Davids.” This little genius they have given to us.

Marchisio, we have built him in our house, as happened in the ’70s / ’80s when from the youth came out a couple of boys then passed to the history for quantity and quality of wins (in black and white jersey and azzurra shirt).

 Vidal has cost almost as much as Lamela and certainly as Alvarez. Ripped from a neurasthenic Rummenigge, anticipating the various European clubs who had learned to know him at the last American tournament, Marotta has reversed the trend that saw Juventus as a sort of dump of midfielders: Poulsen, Almiron, Tiago, Diego, in no particular order .

 Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio. Marchisio, Pirlo and Vidal, the order you do it. In reality there is not a precise tactical order. Rather, there would be at least on paper: Pirlo in the middle to dictate the timing, Vidal at his right , Marchisio on his left. Then the dynamics of the two young men who mess up plans to whoever try to curb it.

 So far Conte has faced several opponents modules: 4 midfield, midfield to 5, closed teams, the mirror teams like playing with AC Milan.

 So far Conte has also changed the modules of departure: Vidal close behind the first striker with Marchisio next to Pirlo, or with Marchisio and Vidal as fake trequartisiti and Pirlo on the median axis of the two defenders.

The beauty is that all these tactical tricks shatter when the ball is moved with great order.

 The characteristics of the three midfielders are incredibly complementary. 

 The slow pace (at least so they say) of Pirlo is balanced by the ferocity of Vidal and his competitive race for ever. Marchisio is also very mobile, which allows him to cover well the spaces in front of the defense and re-start with speed. Against the prescriti this mix of action was seen precisely in relation to the penalty not awarded by Rizzoli.

The common factor to all three is the exquisite technique. Incomparable that of the Brescian, rather than the good that of Marchisio, very very good that of Vidal. Difficult lose the ball, jumping the man and know very well know baste any kind of action.

 Marchisio is perhaps who draws most benefit from the wide spaces granted by the attackers. Slips with exceptional timing and improved the percentage of scoring.

 Vidal, after scoring at his debut, apparently is anxious for a moment. The shot is very good, powerful but inaccurate. Said he is limiting his entries because probably Conte calls for greater presence in midfield – in fact the most important weapon of Juve to avoid dangerous counters of opposition – we expect better luck in the penalty area. He has the header and the sense of the entry, but not the cynicism that brought him over 10 goals quota in the Bundesliga .

 Marchisio, Pirlo, Vidal. Many coaches, before meeting with Juventus, said: “If you stop Pirlo, you stop Juve.” Concept that does not find confirmation in the field. You stop Pirlo and Marchisio is there. You stop Marchisio and is Vidal.

 We run the risk of being addicted? Well, it’s certainly a nice addiction. The answer we will get when just one of the three will miss. In fact this has already happened, but we await more concrete evidence.

 What is certain is that a great team is composed of a hard core always homogeneous. Anyone who can remember the pins of Lippi’s Juventus: the first version (Montero, Ferrara, Conte, Davids, Zidane, Del Piero) and the second version (Montero, Ferrara, Nedved, Camoranesi, Del Piero, Trezeguet). So it was really hard as the hoof of Capello: Thuram, Cannavaro, Emerson, Nedved, Camoranesi.

 And now with Conte the certainty it is that trio… the trio of wonders … has cost Juve only 12 million.

source:iojuventino.net adapted by:Mike Prise