From Tuesday evening we have heard of all colors. Pirlo is tired, Pirlo has a beard that brings bad (we heard this too …), Pirlo in his downward , Pirlo is not fit, Pirlo here, Pirlo there. All to raise Pirlo as a problem. Andrea Pirlo is not the problem, he is the solution to problems. He’s the solution to overcome tangled game, is the man who lit the lamp, he is imagination and intellect. Can not criticize or rather hear criticism after having seen him do this the previous European and the whole season with Juventus. Possible, however, to hope from the Juventus champion for a careful management and punctual of his forces, according to those which are his feelings. 
Andrea Pirlo is the ONLY ONE who knows if he feels up to it, if he is tired or not, and he certainly from a reponsabile person and great champion how he will eventually ask for a break if he needed it, because those in power to analyze the situations well and the relationship between the coach and the champion is straightforward and transparent. At the moment, perhaps there is no need, surely the one who raised the “problem Pirlo“, is wrong by tact but also by assessments. Pirlo hyper-marked (three bearers of pressure on him Tuesday), should lead his companions to find new solutions to other gates. The responsibility must be shared and we are confident that Juventus will soon find the right countermoves to those who put the Champion in his cage. 
 source:; by : Massimo Pavan 

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