It sounds almost like an endowment. “Paul Pogba is number one, without a doubt one of the best in the world.” The compliment does not come from any one, but from one of the strongest play-makers in football history: Andrea Pirlo talks about Paul Pogba. And it does also launching a dig at Manchester United: “They have made a big mistake to discard him and make him go away.”

The Mistake – It starts right here. Since that farewell without regrets that Pogba gave Manchester United when he arrived in Turin. “For whatever reason they chose not to give him a chance, have undoubtedly made a mistake that the coaching staff will have to share with the company,” commented Andrea Pirlo during an interview with the French TV Telefoot.

AND THE MARKETPirlo does not talk too much about the market, but one thing blurts out: “I do not think that in the future we will see Pogba ever return to Manchester United. He is now at Juventus and he knows he is in one of the best clubs in the world” . Then you go back in time to when Pogba landed to Juventus: “The first time we played together at Juventus, we realized all that in him there was something special, so much so that in just two years has become one of best players in the world. “