The Juventus number 21 retraces some moments of his long career and adds: “Retire? I have more enthusiasm now that when I was 15, that time is still far away “

TURIN – Andrea Pirlo retraces the most important stages of his long career, and it does so in an interview on the Spanish site of ABC. “The passion for this sport? It all started with my brother, three years older. My idol was Roberto Baggio, I liked to see an Italian playing that kind of football. Even Matthaus, actually. At that time I was fond of Inter and he was the leader. “ The Juventus number 21 also speaks of the good fortune to meet a coach like Carlo Ancelotti: “He’s my football father, put me in front of the defense and made ​​me become top. One of the nicest people I met in this sport. “ The last years of Andrea Pirlo are those of the passage from Milan to Juve: “After a decade with the Rossoneri I needed a change, my career demanded new motivations. Juventus was the best thing that could happen to me. We won the league title for three consecutive years and now we have the opportunity to win the fourth. ”

On Pogba and Morata – The director clarifies once and for all that he had never had problems with his coach, Massimiliano Allegri: “He was not responsible for my departure from Milan, was just my choice.” On the current situation of Juventus: “In Europe? There are many factors influencing the competition, it is difficult to win the Champions League. The match against Borussia will tell who we are. Real Madrid? I would love to see them in the final.” Pirlo spends a few words about the individuals: “Pogba has everything: physical, technical, goals. He is perfect, can define an era. Morata? He didn’t settled immediately. After the holidays has proven to be a great striker. “ Pirlo has ever thought to retire? “I have more enthusiasm now that at 15, that time is still far away.”

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