Mirror, mirror on the wallwho’s the better of  them all?

TURIN, December 30, 2011Juventus starts from the UAE. New Year in Dubai (as leaders). If there is a regista of this cinepanettone that, unlike the usual, cashed(points), is Andrea Pirlo, 32 (towards 33). Like a fine wine that improves with time. 

By the way, how was the harvest at Pratum Coller, your company? 
“Pretty well, we’re happy.” 

How did this passion began? 
“It was the area where my father was born, we bought a farm first, then the vineyard. We make 40 000 bottles a year, we are moving also abroad. ” 

It can become a job. 
“For now it is a distraction. I will still play a lot. I do not think the later, I enjoy doing this. ” 

The motto of his vineyard is “not difficult to Tunis”: not without an effort. A little as the first place of Juve: fast as ever to be there. 
“We always impose our game.” 

A season in paradise. Did you expect it? 
“Yes, but the championship is still long, I hope to do even better.” 

Tell the truth. You thought of dressing in black and white? 
“I could go anywhere. I decided to come here. I liked the project, the new stadium and then a club that was a bit that did not win. The challenge appealed to me. ” 

Were you not afraid of ending up in the usual black and white chopper? 
“No. Here there was great enthusiasm, desire to stand up and demonstrate that Juve are a great team. The ideal “. 

Abroad, also? 
“I had the opportunity, in the end I preferred to stay in Italy.” 

Even without Pirlo, Milan is even stronger? 
“Yes and is proving to be: will fight until the last for the Scudetto.” 

AC Milan have something more then Juve? 
“They play together for several years, won in 2011, have players who can change the course of a game at every moment.” 

If you had come to train who would you have bring back from Milan? 
“Being able to, my friend Nesta.” 

The point about his professional life. 
“A central point. I hope to play for another five, six years as well. ” 

Juve Pirlo-dependent? 
“There is a well-tested game system, precise patterns: anyone going on the field, knows to interpret them.” 

Where is the work of Conte? 
“He gave precise imprint, picking up the team from day one in Bardonecchia. We followed him and the results are obvious. ” 

The value of Conte? 
“He’s a great coach, has charisma, tactical sense, he does not set a game in the same way.” 

“They told me that when he loses is unmanageable. Luckily has not happened yet. ” 

But that of Conte who did not want Pirlo was a popular legend or did he change his mind? 
“I do not know, ask him, he never said anything.” 

At what point is Juve? 
“We are trying to become a great team, there is time and room for improvement.” 

It is an Open Championship: Udinese can win? 
“Has already proved last year what it’s worth. Deserves the ranking that has and will last. ” 

What’s from Pirlo in this Juventus? 
“There is Pirlo.” 

Do you miss the goal? 
“I miss it, I was hoping to do it before Christmas, now point to score until the end of the half season. However important the collective and here everyone scores. Not a problem. ” 

A lack of this Juve? 
“We need to better manage some situations, to understand that when you can not win you do try not to loose the game. I think at Roma-Juve. ” 

How you ever found yourself as Del Piero on the bench? If so, what did you do? 
“I have always tried to train and show that I deserve a starter jersey. At the end the field has given me reason. ” 

What do you think of Del Piero? 
“I’ve known him for many years, is a champion, a great person who deserves everything he had.” 

Never speaks of his long goodbye? 
“Alex has never spoken because I think it’s fair that he enjoys this season and then we’ll see.” 

Memory of happiness. 
“Berlin 2006, the culmination of a dream I had as a child: playing a World Cup and win it.” 

The sword in the heart. 
“The 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul, Milan-Liverpool 3-0 at half time and then defeat on penalties. Has teached me a lot. “
The most unexpected success? 
“None, the victories we must seek it out, are never unexpected, are all wanted.” 

There is a choice that you won’t do again? 
“I always decided myself, however, wherever has gone. And then I would do everything. ” 

You are married to Deborah and has two sons, Nicholas 8 years and Angela, 5. What father are you? 
“Present. I like being with them, with family, soon as I can. ” 

What is the TITLE right now? 
“It’s a dream that we will try to make at the end of the season, it takes time and improvements.” 

Are you optimistic? 
“I came for the title, otherwise I would have not come.” 

Look, but you do not ever get angry? 
“Sure, you can not always be peaceful.” 

But you are a bit as the advertising: the strength of the relaxed nerves. You have never been afraid? 
“No, otherwise I would not have played football in the serie A.” 

On drink you are shod. On the food? 
“I am a good fork, I like to frequent the restaurants where the food is good. But I hate the ones where the portions are tiny. ” 

 source: Il Corriere della Sera; by Roberto Perrone 
adapted by: Mike Prise