ZURICH (SWITZERLAND) – “With this shirt I’m comfortable. Juventus represents years of history wins. I feel a legitimate pride in wearing this shirt after playing so many years at Milan, the team that can be compared to history and tradition. I’m pleased, I would say happy.” So Andrea Pirlo, Juventus midfielder, one of the protagonists of the brilliant performance of Juventus in the league, in an interview with fifa.com site. 

The former AC Milan soccer player explains: “Why I went away from AC Milan? I was out of contract. I felt the need to find new motivation, to win with another shirt. I think heI had to go elsewhere. After nine or ten seasons in the same team you may lose the motivation. I was the one making the decision. I wanted a new experience. On my arrival at Juventus, I immediately felt the desire to win, quickly reaching the summit. The coach, the club and the players work in the same direction. Even with my experience, I believe we have everything to be able to do well. Juventus wants to become queen in Italy and Europe. I want to address this challenge. ” 

 Pirlo then explains his relationship with the new Juventus coach Antonio Conte. “It’s good. He reminds me of Carlo Ancelotti for his philosophy of play, but he is very similar to Marcello Lippi in his behavior. For him the team is a group that should always remain compact. The idea of ​​me playing the role in front of the defense? Born by Carlo Ancelotti. I think I was one of the first players to maintain this position in the field. I do not know if I am a pioneer, but from a tactical point of view is clear that this position allows me to set the time of the team, the pace of the game. I must say that I am very comfortable in that position. Scudetto to Juventus? It is still too early to tell, and I honestly do not think to this. Juve finished in seventh place in the last two seasons, so we must keep our feet on the ground, continue to work and especially to play as we start the season. ” 

 source: ITALPRESS 
adapted by:Mike Prise